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Mya showing off her great tits and pink nipples with a big red dildo.  She is sitting on a big leather chair on her knees bent over from behind we can see the dildo is actually in her ass hole not her pussy hole.  She is enjoying it and that is why I love you Mya, because your a sexy girl with a sex drive that can never be satisfied. Love you blonde hair and sexy tats. You’re the kind of girl we fantasize about.

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Mya Nichole is openly bisexual and she sure loves playing around with pretty girls. Here Mya’s girl pal is sitting on a couch with polka dot throw pillows. She is completely naked and we can see her wavy light brown hair and very large tits. Her right hand is busy filling Mya Nichole’s pink pussy with the blue dildo. Mya on the other hand is showing off just how flexible she can be as she is on the floor in what looks like a gymnastic pose. Mya is wearing a white top and she seems to love having her cunt filled this way.

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Mya Nichole’s blonde hair gets a curly touch. She looks really pretty and extra sexy when she does a pout like this. Mya has long necklaces with pendants—a black heart and a silver key. She is wearing a striped black stocking and her legs are spread apart. On Mya’s right hand is a long glass dildo. It looks like someone’s going to have some solo pleasure time.

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Mya Nichole dominates another girl in the bedroom. Here we see a girl lying down on the bed with her mouth open as if she is moaning. The girl has dark brown nipples, obviously very much aroused. Mya Nichole can be found in between the girl’s legs. Mya looks thin here but her breasts are still large and her nipples are hard. The curly blonde Mya Nichole has her hands on the inner thighs of her partner, and it looks like she is using both force and pleasure on her.

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Mya Nichole has her blonde hair tied with a studded piece. She is wearing a silver necklace with a heart pendant on it. Mya looks quite pretty with a half-smile-half-smirk look on her face. It tells us that she is trying to play nice but has some naughty thoughts on her mind. Mya’s right hand is across her big tits and her left hand is taking down her white skirt.

Mya Nichole

Official Site:

Birthday:June 23, 1984

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 32D-23-32

Mya Nichole is a 27 year old pornography star born in Indianapolis. Mya is a natural brunette. She stands 5’5”, weighs 105 pounds and has the body measurement of 32D-23-32.  Mya Nichole, also known as Mya McKay, started working in the adult entertainment industry in 2006. She is one of the few porn stars known to have a large array of tattoos and body art, including the words “doll” and “face” on the knuckles of both of her hands. Mya has been featured in a lot of adult films but most of her work has been exclusively for the internet. When she started in 2006, most of her works were solo and girl to girl but she quickly got other offers to include hardcore heterosexual acts such as anal and double penetration. Because of her great work, Mya was nominated for the Best New Web Starlet Award at the 2009 AVN.
Mya Nichole is openly bisexual. She admits to enjoy the company of women a little bit more. She has also openly talked about her fondness for spitting, chocking, gagging and other forms of humiliation.


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Mya Nichole is originally a brunette but here we see that she is still smoking hot as a blonde. Mya is sitting down with her mouth wide open. She looks beautiful with dark eye make-up that shows her eye colour. Her right arm has lots of tattoos and her right hand is holding long thick black dildo to her mouth. She is wearing a black necklace with chains and we can see her large boobs with light brown areola and stiff nipples.

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We get to appreciate Mya Nichole’s hot body even more as a man explores her. The guy wearing a black bandana on his head is sitting down on brown leather with his hands holding Mya Nichole’s legs. Mya’s legs are spread wide apart and we can see her shaven cunt and the hard cock up her ass. While the guy is ramming her asshole, Mya is busy touching her big breasts. We also get to see the many tattoos that Mya has. The right arm that is across her chest is covered in swirls and leaves tattoo while she also has another design right on her lower abdomen, before her crotch. Mya is wearing nothing but a black necklace that looks like a collar and she has a navel piercing.

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The beautiful blonde Mya Nichole is all by herself, lying down on a cream coloured carpet with her legs up and her feet reaching the floor. Now that is great flexibility right there! Mya’s ass is up against a couch with bright tiger print. We can see the “doll face” tattoo on her knuckles as her fingers keep the huge hole of her pussy open wide. She has a seductive look on her face and we also notice that her clit seems to be pierced too.

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Mya Nichole shows her love for women as she has fun with a pretty girl with brown hair. The girl is lying on the couch with her right hand on her big boobs and Mya Nichole licking her pierced clit. We see that this lady is almost as wild as the beautiful Mya; she has a tattoo on her right side and both of her nipples are pierced. Both ladies seem to be having a fun time together. We wonder how far they will go to please each other.